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At Ruiz-Howell Law Pllc, we provide the following legal services.

Estate Planning

Who needs an Estate Plan?  Everyone. You may think estate planning is only for the wealthy or for those with large estates--- but it so much more than that. Your estate is your life’s work. It includes the home where you live, and the fruits of your labor. Having an estate plan in place enables you to protect your life’s work for your benefit, and for the benefit of your children or grandchildren.  At Ruiz-Howell Law, we personalize your Estate Plan according to your specific family situation.   We do not use generic standardized forms from google or legal zoom. Instead, we tailor and customize our legal advice according to your unique family dynamics and legal needs. 

Real Estate

For many Americans, a home is the biggest financial investment in their lifetime. Our firm provides legal services to protect your home and assets. We have represented several buyers in residential real estate purchases including resale and new construction homes. We guide our clients through the meticulous contract provisions and advise on the entire real estate process. We also have experience handling landlord/tenant legal issues, including security deposits, late rental payments, repair and remedies, evictions, and lease terms disputes.

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About Ruiz-Howell Law Pllc

Ruiz-Howell Law is a law firm based in Austin, Texas, providing legal services in Estate Planning and Real Estate. Our virtual law firm allows our clients to receive legal services from the convenience and comfort of their own homes without having to battle traffic or take time off from work. In-person appointments are also available with advance notice. We can meet at your home, or at an agreed-upon location. Office hours are flexible and by appointment.  

Estate Planning and Real Estate Legal Team

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Our team offers a client-focused approach to our legal services. We utilize the latest in cloud-based technologies to ensure you receive the best legal experience. 

Ferjie Ruiz-Howell

Ferjie Ruiz-Howell


Ferjie Ruiz-Howell has worked for both the private and public sectors and represented a range of clients from private individuals to large government organizations. She has experience handling both litigation and transactional matters. She has also been a practicing Real Estate Broker in the Central Texas region since 2014, and has helped many clients with residential leases and sales. Ferjie graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Communication Studies with Minors in English, Humanities and Political Science. She graduated with her Juris Doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin School of Law. During her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors in the beautiful Texas hill country with her husband and 4-year old Pug. Her other hobbies include spending time with loved ones, traveling the globe, hiking, backpacking, culinary adventures, live music, film and art appreciation.

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